What Are the Pseudo Casino Systems? – 5 Things You Must Know!

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Let us see from the angle of the casino system, which games in a casino can bring your luck towards winning. However, winning depends mostly on luck and tricks, not the non-genuine casino systems.

A number of gambling systems often are used by most of the players in order to increase their chances of winning at a casino. Meanwhile, some of the players who are lucky may somehow, enjoy a reasonable success while using these casino systems. In most scenarios, these pseudo casino systems have nothing to do with winning some good hands frequently.

Pseudo Casino Systems

Let us see how the casino systems are illustrated through these points, as discussed below:

  1.   10 Percent of the Bet At the Casino System – To discuss this non-genuine casino system, it will essentially dictate that the players’ first wager should be 10 per cent of the bankroll at the casino. If in case, even the player loses then they can leave with the bankroll’s side. And in the first bet if they bet for the lower amount, the player might lose up with very little sum at the end of the game. And again, the next day, the same player may come to the casino with the hope of winning hands. Thus, this will lead a player, leaving the casino at per their wishes.
  1.   The Consolidation Casino System – This complicated method will lead the gamblers to claim to work. However, many of the analysts do agree to the fact that once the players have applied using this system. In turn, it will not return back to the session.
  1. The Gamblers Basically Use the Casino System of Preference – The system of preference of the bettors at the casino can be applied to the casino games sometimes by its players. The idea works well when a bettor focuses more on a certain casino game for a long period of time and wins some big hands. These days, the game experts do believe that there is no basis and sense of this system. However, by using computerised technologies, the possibilities of the success of a casino system stand for nothing. 
  1.   The Theory of Groups in a Casino System – This non-genuine casino system asks the players to mix the games and lay it on the game table. The players need to understand and consider their moves accordingly to avoid a loss. The players will have to contemplate the sequence of winning and losing and bet according to the probabilities of the end results. If, as per the sequence, the winning probability is high for a player, then, the player may bet for the higher amount on that specific round.
  1. The Return of Casino System – This casino system is extremely opposite to the previous casino system. As per this theory, the probability comes up equally often. Thus, the players should play the rounds as per the probabilities. Thus, if in case, a player lands up wagering in black colour then for the next round the player will choose the same colour as per the return of casino system theory.


There are a vast number of games at a casino. These games offer them the luck of winning or losing at it. The aim of each and every player is to win at the games and get back home with their pockets filled with rewards. However, there are situations where the player may get too curious or overwhelmed at certain rounds of the bet, which may lead him or her to a non-genuine casino system. Thus, the players should not always depend on their luck rather it is necessary to be more aware of the investments and the risk appetite.

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Review Name: What Are the Pseudo Casino Systems? – 5 Things You Must Know!

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