What makes Live Blackjack so popular?

The reason behind Live Blackjack being so sought after is simple, the best of both online and offline gaming comes together in this version. The Live games are streamed to the computer screens from an actual casino or a specially designed studio. The tables, dealers, players are all real people and not just computer-generated programs. The professionalism with which the real dealers carry out a game is unmatched. This introduces the much—needed human interaction in an online game.

The fact that real money is being played out makes the whole thing even more real and exciting. Players even get to exchange tips and tricks using the chat boxes. And yes, all these interactions are with real people playing at the tables real time across the globe.

Another best thing about Live Blackjack is that there’s always a seat for you. No matter what time of the day or night it is, you’ll rarely find a full house. Also, you can play a table suited to your budget. So, you have shared tables where per individual cost goes a bit less than exclusive tables.

The fact that you can play a game anytime and from anywhere adds to the popularity too. You can be anywhere in the world and be laying the game on your preferred device. There’s almost never a close time for online casinos listed at Hot Mobile Casino Hosting Blackjack live games. So, you can play the game at a time when you find it suitable.

The professional dealers make the game even more interesting. They are friendly, encouraging and very courteous towards players. They are always ready to explain things and interact with players, helping them out during the game.

And there’s no restriction on who can join you during the game. You can have your best pal or your better half playing along with you on your computer screen and helping you make a move. Or maybe you can host a Blackjack pyjama party and log in with your friends to play the game online and live.

The high-definition quality of the game is an added charm. The cameras which stream the game are high-definition. The streaming is done using high-speed internet. The picture quality that comes across the players is so good that it’s hard to believe that you are not actually sitting in a casino. The latency is also almost zero. So, the game is almost instantaneous.

Safety and security are another feature which is well taken care of. All the links are secured via SSL. The safety features are also updated.
All Casinos featuring at Hot Mobile Casino are licensed to hold such live gaming and follow fair play regulations. So, you can be sure that you are not being taken for a ride.

Playing Live Blackjack

Playing Live Blackjack doesn’t require special equipment. Just your regular computing device and high-speed internet connection and you are sorted. Choose any Online Casino listed at Hot Mobile Casino and head for their Live Gaming section. That’s it. Your game is on the screen to play. Just make sure that your account is properly funded because there are no demo or trial versions for Live Blackjack. So, all the money you’ll be spending on bets is real money.

If you are a regular player and know all the rules and regulation of Blackjack, it’s good. But even if you are a new entrant, don’t feel disheartened. The rules and regulations are explained before the game starts or you can refer to the Casino’s guide section.

Exercising caution while playing is also important. Playing Blackjack live lets you know all the details about your bets. You can see your amount put on the bet, the balance available and more such details. These help you in making the right calls.

While the variants of Blackjack like Surrender and Pontoon are still not available in the Live version, the good, old regular Blackjack is strong enough to draw new and old players alike. Most major game production houses like Evolution Gaming, NetEnt, Microgaming host Blackjack live games available at different online casinos.

So, join in the fun of playing the classic game of Blackjack in a live format. A call you’ll certainly not regret.


What is a Live Casino Game?
A live Casino game is streamed from a real casino or studio and played by players on their computer screens.
Where can I play Live Blackjack?
Almost all online casinos listed on Hot Mobile Casino Host Live Blackjack games on their gaming portal.
How can I play Live Blackjack?
You need to choose the game and the casino at Hot Mobile casino, fund your account and get set to play.
What are the payment methods for Live Blackjack?
You can use any of the payment methods supported by our listed online casinos to play Live Blackjack.
Are there any wagering requirements?
Wearing requirements depend on your online casino. Make sure to read the terms and condition of your preferred online casino.
What are the major production houses offering the game?
You can play Live Blackjack by Evolution Gaming, NetEnt and more.