Payment methods are an essential part of online casinos. The whole transaction in an online casino takes place through the virtual space and so having a proper payment method is extremely important. In fact, a popularity or effectiveness of a casino is also determined by the type and number of payment methods it accepts. To add to that, security also plays an important role. You would never want to opt for a casino that does not have a secure payment method or gateway. In fact, quite a lot of players look into these factors before opting for a casino to play.

Advanced technology has provided us with better platforms and that has led to the emergence of better payment methods. These advanced payment platforms come with sophisticated SSL encrypted platforms that ensure that no fraudulent activities take place. This means that hackers will not be able to gain access into the transaction medium and steal money or cause any other kind of disruption. Moreover, online casinos are required to get license and permission from gambling commissions and also are audited by different agencies. All these agencies scrutinize the casinos from time to time to ensure that all payment norms and security procedures are strictly followed.

Choose the right payment methods the way you like

Based on your preferences, you would need to choose the right payment methods. There are conventional payment methods as well as new payment methods. You can choose whichever you like. However, each payment method has its pros and cons and you need to have a better idea of these before you proceed.

Conventional Payment methods

These payment methods are in vogue for quite some time now. While they are fast, the only issue is that you may need to provide your financial information while making the transaction. Nevertheless, quite a lot of people opt for these payment methods to make payments in UK mobile casinos.

Card Payments: In this case, payments are done through debit or credit cards. You would need to provide the card details like number, CVV code, expiry date etc. and enter the unique pin to make the payment. Most of the cards are authorized under Visa, MasterCard and Maestro Card and go through a secure payment gateway. Almost all the premier online casinos have the card payment option because it is quite common.

Bank transfer: This is another common payment channel preferred by quite a lot of players. It is one of the most conventional payment methods where the player can directly transfer the money into the bank account of the casino. In order to make the bank transfer, you would need to have net banking enabled. The process is quite simple. You log on to net banking with your credentials, add the account number of the casino and make the payment. The money will be credited within a span of thirty minutes to one hour.

A lot of users, especially those who are not so tech-savvy prefers using conventional payment methods while playing games in online casinos.

New payment methods

Now if you are tech-savvy, there are lots of advanced payment methods that you can try out. Amazing as it may seem, but you can even pay at online casinos from your telephone bill! In addition, there are e-wallets that allow you to make payments through the mobile app. One of the main advantages of this form of payment methods is that players need not to divulge any sensitive financial information while making the transaction.

Boku: You can now make payments in casinos through mobile bills. Yes, this is what Boku is all about. It is an advanced mobile casino payment platform that enables you to make deposits or payments from your mobile phone account. All payments go through a secure server to prevent any online fraud. Moreover, there is no need of providing bank or card details. Just the mobile number is necessary to get registered.

PayPal: This is one of the most popular e-wallets used in UK mobile casinos. PayPal is a trusted platform for online payments and there is no need to provide bank or card details. It also gives you certain added benefits like currency conversion, using multiple bank accounts etc.

Neteller: Neteller is another digital wallet for making casino payments. It also allows you to make money transfers. It goes through a three-step authentication process to ensure total safety and security.

Trustly and Skrill: They are trustworthy online payment solutions used in online casinos across the world. Trustly also operates in collaboration with PayPal and TransferWise. The fees are also quite low.

Entropay: This is an e-wallet, which is processed through a virtual Visa prepaid card.

iDeal: It is a Netherlands based e-wallet payment provider and allows you to make direct online transfers between bank accounts.

Useful FAQS to make your payment easier

Do I need to make a deposit to play at any UK casino?
Well, they are fully safe as all transactions go through a secure encrypted server.
What is required to start the payment process in e-wallets?
The process is quite easy. Players just need to register in the e-wallets by giving basis details. Once registered, they can start the transactions.
Boku payment is supported by which mobile networks?
Almost all the premier mobile providers like Vodafone, Deutsche Telekom, Orange, Sprint etc. support Boku form of payment.
What is the time taken for a bank transfer?
If you are using net banking, it will take just a few minutes to transfer from your account to the account of the casino.
What is the typical payment process in online casinos?
Once you choose the payment method and confirm the payment, there will be a security authentication and after that is complete, the transaction will be successfully complete.
Is it possible to make offline payments?
Well, it is possible. However, not all casinos allow it. You would need to go to the bank and provide the details of the casino account and do the bank transfer.