Basic Strategy Tips When Playing Live Dealer Roulette

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With the latest technology in hand, online casino is one of the best experiences available to the players today! A Roulette table is one of the classic gaming options to explore. The dealer plays live dealer Roulette right on the screen of the players at their comfort!

The players are able to interact with the other players and croupier too. This is the closest to land-based casino giving you exceptional winnings, and brilliant gaming experience!

Get equipped with the common myths in Live Dealer Roulette

Many players believe that as the game of Roulette is divided into two halves and the players bet on half of the numbers there is only 50% winning chance. This might seem true but it does not keep benefitting the players with real money to win. There would certainly be equivalent losses to keep it neutral.

Another popular myth goes that the numbers stand due in the next rounds to come. The assumptions are wrong. Roulette though is a random game bringing new possibilities with each round. The live dealer Roulette game does not control winning or losing of winners. The odds of winning/losing are totally random!

Martingale betting system for Live Dealer Roulette

Many players, both beginners and experienced, try their hand at some famous betting systems to win and stay at the Roulette game. The Martingale betting system is quite popular and helps wager earnings.

The principle is to stick to the same amount of bets when the player keeps winning the rounds. And when a loss is incurred the bet is doubled for the next round. And even if the player losses multiple rounds, the win, in the end, will compensate for all the wagered losses.

For instance, a player putting in £2 as their bet when they win can shift it to £4 when they lose. After multiple losses the bets may come to £8, £16, £32 etc. and it is the next win that shall compensate for all the lost money in a couple of rounds!

Tips and tricks to follow!

Before starting with the Live Dealer Roulette play option, a player should get equipped with the Roulette table games and strategies. They should try their hand at a few spins and know what they are up for. This is to become familiar with the game, its rules and the possibilities that come along.

Choosing a European version Roulette is a better option than the American version. This is because here the house offers better winning edge and players are at better odds of winning.

Another great tip for the players is to begin light. Before starting out with money bets choose to go for trial versions. Start with low initial bets and then gradually increase them as you gain experience and confidence. This enables the player to stay in the game for longer without having to depend on the bankroll or lose too much money

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