How to Play Live Blackjack

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Playing Live Blackjack is not any different from the casino version. The basic aim, while you play live Blackjack, is to have a hand at the combination closer to 21, competing with the banker. But with the online casino, there have been new players and beginners who aren’t equipped with the land-based casino table games.

The table games have been there for ages. They have been recreated, written in history as well as portrayed all over the world for their beauty and thrill. But if you are a newbie at an online casino and earning to play Live Blackjack, a real memorable casino experience is created online!

Starting out to play Live Blackjack!

When starting with Blackjack the best of combinations won’t come as an intuition, they have to be learnt. Therefore a little guide goes a long way. There are many cheat sheets, combination sheets and guides available to help you understand which combinations of card stand in your favour. They will also teach why a dealers’ card is on display etc.

Try your hand at the game with these guides to learn the basics.

Hit or stand- Crucial decision to play Live Blackjack

A player has to know when to hit and when to stand. A Hit refers to the request of the player to get another card. This usually happens when the player is far from the number 21 and has chances to add another card and turn closer.

Stick means sticking to the cards you have in hand. This is done when the players are closer to 21 and have a higher chance of winning with the existing combination only.

  • Dealer’s card is an ace – this improves the dealer’s chance to win at the hand. The best for you is to play aggressively and try bringing your combination to at least a 17.
  • Dealer’s card is a 10, J, Q, or a K – Here if you have something similar it is best to keep a stand. But if you have anything less than a 10, make a hit and increase your combination.
  • Dealer’s card is a 7, 8, or a 9 – You chance of winning is higher. Make a chance to reach more than 17. Hit if you have less than 9 and stand if you have anything between 11 and 16.

Doubling down and splitting to play Live Blackjack

Double down is actually the chance to double up your bets. Either you win double or you lose double. This is an opportunity to bluff the dealer and other players that you have a brighter chance at winning. If they fold – you win!

A split helps you scatter the card. You shouldn’t split fives or tens but should definitely think of splitting an ace or 8 to win. This gives you a chance to get a hit higher than 16.

Play online Blackjack with the basic understanding and you shall soon turn into a pro!

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