Know The Reason behind why Casinos getting into esports

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Know The Reason behind why Casinos getting into esports

Many people may think that esports and casinos do not appear to be closely linked, but on quite a contrary note a growing number of casinos are starting to get very excited about competitive gaming. From the arrival of special casino esports arenas in big cities to casino brands sponsoring some of the biggest esports teams, it seems that this relationship is going to become more closely linked. Even some casino games like slots are starting to gain inspiration from esports as they aim to become more ‘skill-based’. The moves into esports have come at a time when the revenues from traditional gambling are declining. But with competitive gaming growing to become a billion-dollar industry, many casinos are starting to look at how they can take advantage of the esports phenomenon. Betting on esports is by no means a new concept.

The handle has grown alongside the proliferation of the sport itself, with the global esports betting market forecast to cross an overwhelming amount of >$15 billion by the end of 2020, according to a survey. Bubblings of esports in the gambling world have grown to overflow the cup of conversation, and as we have learned, the current rise of esports betting is more than just talk. Bookmakers are starting to explore the competitive gaming category, while established esports books are seeing massive surges in activity level. Let us explore this explosion in a more detailed manner.

Markets and Online Betting on esports

The casino providers have acknowledged the loyal fans of esports and their fierce appreciation and willingness to share the enthusiasm. Nowadays, esports has a wider scope and keeps on growing as an industry. People tend to set aside quite the amount for betting, which makes the esports online industry exciting and fast-growing. The video games preferred by players and fans are not that many, considering the narrow scope of competitive esports.

The young audience

Young esports fans and players like the millennials and Generation Z have the feeling that casinos are not devoted for the long run. They think esports gambling for casinos and gaming providers is not worth a long-term commitment. On the other hand, virtual gaming events take the lead and leave traditional casino games of chance behind from time to time. Millennials are open to admitting that they prefer a virtual competition over a traditional game event. The good news for online betting is that more and more platforms take the hint and include video games with tasty odds.

Important esports betting markers

Once you have checked the validity of the bookmaker and the variety of games and sports, the next step is to get familiar with the bets and odds. It is recommended to read through their terms and conditions thoroughly, because the country and region you play in, comes with many twists. There are wagering requirements and very often time restrictions. It is vital to know how much you can cash out and what is the time duration for that allowed by the online casino. Another crucial aspect is the margin charged for the service which is the odds. It is very important to know how much is that exactly, which will help you construct your betting strategy.

Where to on Video Games?

esports had grown so much within a short duration that they are now challenging traditional sports by popularity. Many leading franchises are building or renting whole stadiums to be able to live stream and broadcast every event and game to capture the viewer. Franchise companies and streaming providers earn millions a year just by inviting pro players to perform. Events differ in terms and conditions, which requires flexibility to reach the audience.

esports Betting Casinos

esports are so many and emerge from various places including online casino platforms. It is important to pick safe and licensed providers with diverse titles. The main games at the peak of the esports gaming market are CS: GO, Dota 2, LoL, Heroes: OTS, Rocket League and King of Glory.

Betting Sites and esports Partnership

esports is a fast-growing online industry, which looks like a good investment segment. Online esports gambling is like nothing else on the market. It is over a billion pounds worth industry and things like sponsorships and partnerships are becoming more common than ever. Any online betting platform enlarging their gaming scope seeks more audience and new players. When a casino partners up or are in sponsorship with one of the richest sectors in the industry, they gain popularity leading to more income.

The arrival of esports casino games

Even some of the most popular casino games are starting to feel the influence of esports. This is because a generation of gamers is now looking for gambling games that are skill-based, rather than just being reliant on luck. Such trends could spell big trouble for casino games like slots that are almost entirely dependent on chance. But many casinos have started introducing a new kind of slots game that aims to emulate esports by including a degree of skill within the gameplay. Although many of these slots are a world away from big esports, they are portraying that casino owners are starting to take notice of a new generation’s gaming preferences. Rather than being a place where customers go to play traditional games like Roulette, Blackjack and Slots, the growth of esports casinos marks a big change in the way that people want to play. 


The answer to the question as to why casinos are getting into esports betting is becoming easier to fathom. The industry is always looking for new and innovative ways to catch the players’ attention. The speed with which esports games gain incomes comes in handy for the online casino platforms. esports betting is a billion pounds gaming industry, which can bring loads of incomes to the online casino market. Many platforms become sponsors to either team, players or whole online esports tournaments. Such actions promote the sites and millions of video game supporters and fans get familiar with the rest of the casino world. The millennials are still a bit sceptical about the long-term commitment of the casino industry. Regardless of the speculations, esports casinos invest to integrate the new trend and to increase their incomes.

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