The History and Evolution of the Classic Game of Craps

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The History and Evolution of the Classic Game of Craps

If you take a trip down the memory lane for us, you would be able to recollect the classic scene in the ‘Casino’ film of Martino Scorcese – a scene where Robert De Niro first lays his eyes on Sharon Stone. While she is working at the craps table by herself, she makes the crowd go wild who starts throwing chips all around. Undeniably without the presence of the iconic games Craps, the scene would have failed to be so memorable.

Such are the charms of the game Craps – one of the worldly acclaimed and historical games that you will find in every casino at almost all nook and corners of the world. Where a crap game is in roll, all you would notice are the loud and enthusiastic sounds of the crowd, rising excitement level and the bets that keep on paying.

Well, that got your attention, huh? Curious to know more? We have got you covered. We know you lack time to delve deep and therefore here we are at your aid. In this article, we will walk you through the history of craps that will not only provide you with a comprehensive idea of the emergence of craps, and its popularity but also how this simple ‘rolling the dice’ game became a casino classic.

Thus without any further ado, let’s get into rolling, shall we?

Dice in its Early Days

Now, before we plunge straightaway to the story of the emergence of the Craps, it is first extremely crucial to have profound knowledge and deep understanding of where it all began. Countless people around the world have been playing all games of dice in various techniques for centuries together. It is, in fact, one of the ancient gaming devices ever known to mankind.

In the opinion of the renowned Greek writer Sophocles, the game of dice originally was discovered during the besiegement of Troy in around 1250 B.C. Now, if history is to be believed, then it dates back in the olden days further than that. In Iran, the most primaeval dice from around 3000B.C was found at an archaeological site.

However, the roots of the most classic and historical game, Craps, was discovered in the English dice game known popularly as the Hazard. The very mention of the game Hazard was made by the famous author Chaucer in his Canterbury Tales- so if we are not mistaken, it dated back older than that in the 14th century.

Legends also say that it was the Roman soldiers who first discovered the game of craps. They used their armour shields as a table and knuckle-bones of a pig as a dice whereas others believe that craps emerged from the Al Dar, an Arabic dice game. It was in the 12th century that it was brought to Europe.

How Did Crap Make Its Way into the Land Of The United States of America?

At the very beginning of the 19th century, craps entered into the United States of America; all credit goes to Louisiana landowner Bernard Marigny. Though it was considered to be quite a common game for the upper classes, it became incredibly popular and hugely favoured amidst the farmworkers and marine folks.

It came to be known as the craps, from the mispronunciation of the word ‘crabs’ that was originally slang for the 2 and 3 rolls. These were the only permanent losing numbers of the early game version.

But, the new Craps game featured two types of betting- “Pass” and “Don’t Pass”. This meant that in whatsoever way the dice rolled, the casino was bound to pay the amount to their players.

Now, this historical game established its mark in the wide gambling world only during the Second World War. All the soldiers used a blanket like a shooting surface and played this iconic game. The reminiscence and fondling memories of the war helped the game to create its mark as well in every casino to be found in Las Vegas.

Over the past century, this historical game began earning much more popularity, when countless players all around the world tried their best to figure out a way to beat the house edge in this game. Countless techniques and progressive systems were created to have an advantage and turn the tables in ones’ favour in the game.

Wrapping it up

Till to the present times, Craps remains a favourite and popular game in all casinos in Las Vegas. Moreover, the advancement of the technologies made it possible for the industry to make the crap game go online.

Now, you no longer even need to go to the casino to enjoy all the excitement and enthusiasm seen at a craps game. All you need to do is learn the game from various tutorial videos available online, grasp the fundamentals, enhance your skills and put it to test and maybe even win a huge fortune at the real money craps betting online. And before you realize, you will be a pro at playing this iconic game with utmost confidence and determination.

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