The Five Worst Habits That Cause Slots Player to Lose

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The Five Worst Habits That Cause Slots Player to Lose

Slots is that ultimate alluring gambling game which has such a huge bounty attached to it. Moreover, the game is also easy and one can really win big on a lucky night. But it is this ease and comfort which makes slot games a fairly common game that people lose. It is quite easy to guess that the casino owners would rarely let their customers win at the first try. Businesses have to earn profits, and a player’s loss is the casino’s gain. This is the harsh truth of gambling.

But the point remains, having a wonderful game such as the slots hanging around in casinos and not knowing how to win them all, is really a shame. So, here we are today, ready to talk about the reasons and habits that cost players their hard-earned money to lose.

Choosing games of low RTP

RTP stands for Return To Player. It is the amount that a slot machine is determined to pay back to the player in the long run. Slot games of higher RTP win more money and vice-versa. But such slots also come with more money to start playing with. What most players do is go for the slot games based on graphics, themes, sound, in other words, judging by the entertainment quotient. Most regular gamblers are aware of the concept of RTP, but even then they choose to ignore it. We understand how important the visual experience of slot games is. Yet, in the end, one must also look at the maximum payout that any slot machine offers, and what it means to your budget. Remember, the casino owners are the last people to hand over their money to you.

Playing too fast

This is another reason that contributes to the alluring factor of the mind blowing slot games. People rarely understand how much they end up sliding inside the counter of a slot. That’s because it is one of the fastest games out there in a casino. A slot machine is supposed to perform 500 spins in an hour and that takes constant stimulation. The cost of the game speed, the fun, and the excitement of winning a truckload of cash, is again, your hard-earned money. We tend to confuse the one-dollar spins every time with a Blackjack round which may cost you 10 US dollars. But, have you ever thought that if you make 60 spins in a minute (which is the minimum that average people do), you just spent 60 US dollars (or the currency at hand) without any winnings at all? So, playing too fast can be dangerous for your confidence and esteem. The best advice is to play steadily and keep on at it.

Do you have a habit to chase comps?

Some slot games come with free comps. This is yet another strategy devised by the casino owners to make the games more alluring. For those who aren’t aware, comps are complimentary food arrivals that come with slot machines. While we understand it is difficult to ignore free food, it isn’t a nice idea to get caught up in the comps so much that one forgets the game completely. Getting carried away is one of the prime faults of gamblers.

Slots is a highly volatile category game

By volatility, it means those games whose results vary in great counts from the RTP. Slots belong to the higher end of the curve because of the uneven pay structure. The slot games come with higher payments at the top, and as one goes down the pyramid, the payments reduce in their amounts. This explains why slot games flood you with cash at times, and for the other times, it is a long dry spell. A part of playing slot games successfully is getting used to this uncertainty.

Getting addicted to slots

Although highly exaggerated, slot games are often called the gateway drug of gambling. That’s due to its speed and addictive capability. That chance of winning any moment lets people take their guards down, and they forget they are playing into the casino’s trap, leading to players to lose a lot of dough.


The golden rule of gambling in casinos, online or offline, is to play steadily and with confidence. And casinos are designed in ways to break these two first, as that means more money for them. So, to beat them at their game, one needs to hold their ground, and know when to stop. Good luck!

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