7 Reasons Why Most Gamblers Don’t Prefer Skill-based Slots

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7 Reasons Why Most Gamblers Don’t Prefer Skill-based Slots

In an effort to attract Millenials, a number of casinos all over the world started releasing skill-based slots. People in their 20’s like video games that require a certain skill set. So casinos thought skill-based interactive slots would be an instant success among young audiences. Sadly, they were wrong. 

So far, neither young nor seasoned gamblers are liking these slots. Today, we’re going to reveal what may be the reason behind the failure of skill-based online slot machines. Stay with us as we discuss 7 possible reasons that screwed up these slots. 

Only a Little Skill is Involved

Mobile games like PUBG and Fortnite require heavy expertise and practice to master. Teenagers like this type of game where your skills control the game. They stick with the game until they learn all the tricks and skills. 

However, in skill-based slots, only a little portion, i.e., the bonus round, is based on skills. Like in other slots, winning in this type of slot also heavily involves luck. And young guns don’t believe in luck. Thus these machines fail to get young people’s attention.

RTP Decreases if You Lack in Skill

Having an influence in your slots payout is quite beneficial only when you have the required skill set to support it. Like other online slots, skill-based slots also offer a total RTP of around 95%. This is divided between normal reels rounds and bonus rounds. 

Although only about 5% RTP depends on the bonus round, if you significantly lack in the skills department, then getting this 5% RTP will be a hard task for you. You will be stuck with 90% RTP from the reels. This number is notably lower than other simplified slots that offer 95-96% RTP without requiring any skill.

Boring Arcade Based Games Fail to Attract Young Guys

Casinos are taking the wrong route by introducing old arcade games in their skill-based slots. These four-decades-old games fail to capture Millenials’ attention for whom these skill-based slots were mainly created. 

Teenagers are born in a technology-driven age where they have exposure to hi-tech video games and the latest gaming consoles. Luring them with 80’s games is a bad idea, to begin with.

Not Generating Traffic from Older Customers Either

Though these skill-based games were prepared for the Millenials, still, if these games could appeal to older seasoned players, that would have changed their fate. But sadly, these slots failed to capture the older generation’s attention also. 

Most of the seasoned gamers prefer to spin the reels and get rewarded on the basis of their luck. Most of the time, they choose traditional slot machines over these newer slots. So, to taste success, online slot manufacturers need to focus more on younger people by injecting more skills and less reel-spinning into the equation. 

Fewer Options of Skill-based Slot Machines

Slot producers are caught in the middle of a dilemma. Mass production of these slots isn’t a feasible option as casinos aren’t ordering these slots due to their limited number of users. Thus the options for skill-based slots are really limited and not available in all casinos.

With fewer options, it is really hard to create an audience base for these slots. Also, the small selection of slots means they won’t get proper placing and exposure inside of casinos. Thus gamblers won’t flock into these machines leaving the conventional slots. 

Tough to Differentiate from Conventional Slots

This is another issue with these skill-based slots. They look almost similar to non-skill-based slots, thus blend in with regular slots on the casino floor. They feature similar reels, cabinets, and basic setup that of a traditional slot. One has to play these slots to distinguish them properly.

Their similarity in looks makes people think that they aren’t a special breed of slots. People don’t avail of a chance to explore them properly due to their regular looks. Thus they mostly left untouched through the years. 

RTP Doesn’t Depend Heavily on Skills  

Like the other online slots, most percentage of RTP depends on the reel spin, which is purely based on luck and skill plays no role there. Only the bonus rounds, which typically have 4-5% of RTP involved, require a specific skill. 

Young guys hate this thing. They don’t believe in the luck factor. They want to get rewarded on the basis of their skills, which doesn’t happen in skill-based slots. That makes these games less alluring to the youth population.  


Skill-based slots offered a lot of promises when they were launched in the early 2010s. Fast forward a couple of years, and they haven’t been able to act on their promises. I’m almost certain that developers are working on these games still now, and they might come up with a solution. But, till then, skill-based slots will be tagged as a failure. 

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Review Name: 7 Reasons Why Most Gamblers Don’t Prefer Skill-based Slots

Posted On: 23/05/2020

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