Interesting Facts and Myths of The Online Roulette

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Interesting Facts and Myths of The Online Roulette

One of the most fascinating and famous games at a casino is the Roulette. There are several variations to this game, especially if you are new to this gambling industry, you should definitely give it a try.

Meanwhile, there are some facts and myths attached to Roulette which the new player should know while he or she enters into gambling, some of them are listed below.

Impossible to Win Big in Roulette

Often players make statements that it is impossible to win a big hand in Roulette. However, a bit of this statement is true. The payouts for the players are considerably less as compared to the other casino games. The difference can be made if the strategies of the players are on point. There is nothing that would impact on how the wheel will spin, but staying in your limits and not betting too high is the smarter strategy for this game.

Perhaps, this statement is considered as a myth as it is on the luck and expertise of the player. Basically, the experience of its players would help them win a high stake back home. In the case of a newbie, it is recommended to use their judgments and bet less initially to get the hack of the game. 

Waging on Even Bets, No 50/50 Chance of Winning At Roulette

This statement is actually very true and correct in its nature. The table at the Roulette game has green sections with 0 or 00 depending upon the Roulette machine, this means that the half of the sections of the table are of the same colour. It is very unfortunate if the player bets on odd or even, red or black, and none of these options provide the players with an actual 50/50 chance of winning a bet as per the house edge of the game. The best way around the house edge is to try the European variations for this game, as it has only one 0, which helps the player get half their stake back if in case the ball lands on 0. This would mean that the house edge is just down to 1.3%.

This statement is a fact, and the player should follow the trick as suggested, especially for the players who are trying their hand for the first time at Roulette.

Dealer Can Stop the Ball Anytime At Roulette

Just imagine if this would actually happen, and it would be a real thing! One thing is for sure if this statement was true, the dealers would be best suited for dealing drinks at their whims and fancies. However, fortunately for all the players, the dealers have nothing or very little to say as to what position the ball would land. It is on the sheer luck of the player; the dealers simply do their job and allow the game to continue as smoothly as possible. The dealer has to be quite vigilant and careful while conducting Roulette. 

The verdict is obviously a myth. This statement cannot be true to the game, as it would be unfair and biased on the part of the dealer along with chaos at the table.

Roulette Can Be Rigged

There are casinos that are not licensed, and they can rig the Roulette wheel so as the casino earns more money as per their choices. However, if you are at a licensed casino, rest is assured that nothing of this sort can or will take place. This is because the casino itself has a reputation of its own, and it would never want to lose its face or the customers by doing such unethical actions from their end. These licensed casinos have regular checks as well, and they would, in turn, lose out on more by breaking the code of conduct than gaining from the rigged Roulette wheel. Thus, it depends on you as to where you are playing, and it is your duty to check on the details before playing in any casinos.

Thus, this statement is considered as a myth, and the new players at the gambling industry should read about it before actually engaging themselves in playing without any information or prior awareness.

Numbers on Roulette Wheel Adds to 666

This is a very true statement as to when the numbers of all the totals on the wheel is calculated or comes to 666. Although there are many theories of why the total numbers come to 666; but it may be simply considered as a coincidence. Several studies have concluded that this statement is a fact and has been stated after rigorous calculations.

Final Thoughts

Roulette is not suited for everyone. This game is based on both luck and chance. The players who believe in skills will never be happy with the game at the end. If you want to try your luck and rely on your intuitions, do have a hand in the game with the knowledge of all the myths and facts associated with this game.

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