Top 8 Eco-Friendly Casinos in the World

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Top 8 Eco-Friendly Casinos in the World

When we talk about land-based casinos, the one thing we don’t discuss is their sustainability. Most of the casino owners don’t bother much about the carbon footprints these huge buildings leave. All those 24×7 lightings and food joints contribute to air pollution as each day passes by. 

However, in recent years, the scenario is changing rapidly. Giant corporations are taking the responsibility to act on the reduction of carbon footprints. Innovations like eco-friendly lights and robust recycling processes are making their way into the gambling industry. Modern casinos are joining in the battle to tackle the planet’s biggest threat of the 21st century – Pollution. Here are 8 most eco-friendly casinos operating on planet earth.   

Resorts World Sentosa

Singapore’s most prominent gambling resort, Resorts World Sentosa, has joined the cause by entirely ditching the use of plastic straws within the perimeter of the resort. This rule applies to all of their 120 acres campus including Universal Studios Singapore. In this attempt of conservation of Earth, they will reduce 1.2 tonnes of plastics annually from spreading in the area  

Venetian Macau

During the last summer, Venetian Macau won the first-ever Macau Green Hotel Platinum Award for its efforts in environmental conservation. In the last one year, they have taken multiple Earth-friendly steps like free parking for electric vehicles, food waste reduction, and mattress swap scheme. However, the most talked-about endeavour is switching all the lights to LEDs. Thus they will save electricity enough to power 50,000 homes for a year. 

Caesars Entertainment

Following the latest trends of UK casinos, Caesars Entertainment has donated 2.3 million soap bars to a non-profit organization called Clean the World. Whenever their guests don’t finish all the toiletries, Caesar’s hand them over where they are needed. This efficient waste management program involves the training of staff members to sort through the leftovers thoroughly. Caesar’s won the Environmental Leader award back in 2010.

Sibaya Casino

This casino, from Durban South Africa, takes its approach for recycling very seriously. Their motto is to cut down human waste to the bare minimum. All of Sibaya Casino’s staff are motivated to reduce, reuse, and recycle the leftovers. The most exciting aspect of their recycling process is the wormery where all the waste food goes. This super speedy method of composting makes Sibaya Casino’s effort to sustainability worth mentioning.   

MGM Resort China

MGM China announced during fall last year that they will stop using plastic straws and take-out boxes and packaging equipment across the franchise. It is estimated, this effort will save 860,000 plastic straws and 470,000 plastic take-out boxes each year. In addition to that, MGM China has already swapped 80% of its lighting to eco-friendly LED light, thus saving a considerable amount of energy in order to lessen the strain on our mother Earth’s resources. 

Melco Resorts

Melco is taking the lead on circular economy approaches to the global push to clean up plastic waste. They have already banned all forms of non-reusable plastic in their compound. Melco became the first integrated resort and hotel operator in the Macau SAR to receive ISO 41001:2018 certification for its efforts in the facilities management system. Melco has also received ISO 50001:2018 certificate for its effective energy management systems.

Turtle Creek Casino & Hotel

Casinos are infamous for making windowless rooms, thus preventing players from knowing the time. Supermarkets also use this technique of deceiving. However, Turtle Creek is not one of them. Their construction is full of big glass windows for natural light to come. In 2008, they installed skylights to use the Sun’s rays during the daytime. This way, they are not only reducing energy consumption but also creating a unique natural gaming experience for the players. 

Mandalay Bay Resort

This place is known for its all-round eco-friendly approach. They not only save food waste but also use locally sourced ingredients and on-site plants for recycling waste. Clothing, which no longer stays in-use for guests are donated to NSPCA, a Nevada-based organization for the prevention of animal cruelty. They also deactivate the heating system in certain places at a particular time. Employees of Mandalay Bay Resort take their commitment to the environment quite seriously.  


Sustainability is becoming a compulsion for not only human beings but every corporation also. It is our duty to leave a better world for our future generations where they can drink ground-water without added purification procedures, or they can roam around the cities without masks covering half of their faces. 

Lots of big hotels and casinos are joining in this cause by eliminating material waste and lowering carbon footprints. Casinos from all over the world, especially the UK casinos, are taking part in this mission in huge numbers. With the present effort, we’re hopeful to see a better and brighter future in the upcoming years. 

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