Movie Themed Slots for the Movie fans

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There is seemingly no theme that has not been featured in online slots. Some slots are themed around Africa, others Asia and more than a few are about pop culture.

Movie Themed Slots for the Movie fans

Then there are the online slots themed around some of the most iconic and popular movies ever made. Such movie-themed slots usually feature enough eye-candy to swamp an aircraft carrier, have loads of exciting features and often boast images and clips of the movie they are based on.

Interested in knowing the best movie-themed slots on the market? Then, read on, champ!

Nothing More Colourful than Movie-Themed Slots!

In no particular order, the top movie-themed slots ever released are as follows:

  • Dancing Dirty Comes Sweet! – From the stables of Playtech comes the Dirty Dancing online slot. It is of course based on the movie of the same name. The background of this slot is a glittery pink that sits right with the corneas and most icons on the show are theme-related. This slot has animation effects that would be immediately familiar to fans of the movie, as well as more bonuses than can be comfortably listed in a 2-volume book! Check out this movie-themed slot and see how life is just a big party that should be danced through!
  • Park It In The Jurassic! – Jurassic Park was, of course, the title of the famous book by Michael Crichton that was made into a box office hit. Microgaming has brought it to life the Jurassic Park slots, which features top-class graphics, and a wide range of theme-related bonuses. 
  • Bad Ted! – Remember Ted? Yes, the animated teddy bear with a potty mouth and some bad manners! Well, he has a lead role in the 4 Ted slot by Blueprint Gaming. Apart from boasting graphics that are amazingly detailed and drenched with eye-candy, this slot has enough bonuses in place to render Ted himself temporarily speechless! Want the sweetest graphics and innovative gameplay mechanics? Then, the 4 Ted movie-themed slots have these in abundance!
  • Son Of A Gun! – ‘Top Gun’ was the movie that made Tom Cruise famous. It is one of the biggest action movies ever and Playtech took advantage of this by making a slot that was perfectly modelled on it. Called the Top Gun slot, this has the sort of slick graphics that can only be seen in high-end video games, as well as lots of theme-related icons, bonuses and audio effects.  This movie-themed slot flies right into the most brain-melting fun and thrills available!
  • Gladiator Hits The Jackpot And Is Amazed! – Remember Gladiator? That was the movie that made Russel Crowe famous in a hurry. The movie was so well-received that it garnered no less than 5 Oscars, apart from inspiring a slew of copycats. Anyway, Playtech has made it into a movie-themed slot called the Gladiator Jackpot that has the images of most of the major characters on the show. Audio and video clips are available here, as well as theme-related bonuses and even a progressive jackpot that could get a Roman emperor salivating!
  • Aping It like A Boss! – A couple of Planet of the Apes movies have been recently released by 20th Century Fox and are as moving as they come. NetEnt apparently liked both movies and based its Planet of the Apes slot on them. This movie-themed slot is actually 2 slots in one, with either side having its own unique bonus, features and graphics. Overall, the Planet of the Apes slot well might be the most ambitious creation from NetEnt and is a sweeping testament to their skill, innovation and power to amaze!
  • Steely Man! – The Man of Steel slot is a NetEnt creation that is based on the 2013 hit movie of the same name. This slot is well-detailed, filled with instantly recognisable characters, has expandable paylines and locked wilds, as well as a very long list of bonuses. This is one movie-themed slot that takes no prisoners!
  • Don’t Mess With King Kong! – The original ‘King Kong’ movie was released far back in 1933. But lots of copies have since made their way to the silver screen. One of these is the 2005 remake by Universal Studios that brought Kong to life like never before. Playtech apparently liked the movie enough to get a license that made it possible to make it into an online slot. Called the King Kong slot, this beauty has buckets of the sweetest eye-candy and very well detailed icons. On the reels are playing card values, as well as images of some of the major movie characters. The King Kong slot features dual modes. One of these results in the slot being set in a jungle locale, while the other means gameplay taking place in a city environment. Both of these modes come with their own unique bonuses, and there is enough action loaded within to get King Kong himself snarling with envy and scrambling to raise hell!
  • Getting Terminated Sucks! – Few movies are as popular and iconic as Terminator 2: Judgement Day. The movie was groundbreaking and seminal and is widely regarded as one of the best films ever. A slot based on it has long since been crafted by Microgaming. Titled Terminator 2, this slot has images of both terminators, as well as John and Sarah Connor. It has a metallic background, as well as ample theme-related bonuses. Spin up this movie-themed slot and get to see how getting terminated can be sweet as sin!
  • Halloween Cometh! – This movie-themed slot is based on the popular 1978 slasher movie of the same name. This slot is not for players who are easily spooked and can even trigger a nightmare or two. Theme-related bonuses are supported and overall, Halloween is a movie-themed slot that is good for scaring up some frightful sweetness and thrills!

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