Massive Poker Tournaments

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Poker is a game that is simply in a class all its very own. It is a skill-based game where the strongest, fittest and canniest survive and take home the pot. Poker has always been one of the most popular casino games around and will by all appearances stay that way till the moon turns to cheese and the sun to cheddar!

Massive Poker Tournaments

Now, as most know, there are various Poker tournaments in operation. Some of these Poker tournaments are small affairs that are restricted to a region and liable to attract a few hundred at the most. Other Poker tournaments are truly massive undertakings that are broadcast to a global audience, have prizes in the millions of pounds and host the hottest and most skillful Poker players on the globe.

Today, we will go through a few of the more massive Poker tournaments in operation. Keep reading for an all-encompassing list of this.

Poker Tournaments Make The World So Sweeter

The most massively popular Poker tournaments are as follows:

  • Hail The WSOP – Not to sound boastful, but the World Series of Poker is quite simply the biggest, most glamorous, most attended, and most intense Poker tournament around the globe. In fact, Las Vegas has since the 1970s hosted the WSOP and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. The WSOP is a very complicated event with a truly global audience and is covered by all the major print and media publishing houses. The winner takes home the WSOP bracelet and is then recognised as the best Poker player for all of 365 days. The WSOP began as a middling event organised in 1970 by a bloke by the name of Benny Johnson. It soon took off beyond the most fervent dreams of its founder and wasted little time becoming the premier Poker event on earth. The yearly event apart from hosting the Poker faithful from all over the globe serves as a means of rubbing minds and exchanging ideas among like-minded folks who consider Poker to be the best game the world has ever known.
  • Online Poker Doubles The Fun – Wish to play Poker online? Then, the World Championship of Online Poker must sound very familiar. It is the biggest, mightiest and most respected online Poker tournament the world has ever known and makes no bones about that fact. The site sponsor is PokerStars, with this online tournament taking place on its platform. The WCOP came into being in 2002 and since then takes place every September. While it might not have the appeal of a Live Poker event, it is more than able to hold its own and seems set to grow more and more popular as more folks discover the intense thrills that can be had by playing Poker online.
  • European Fun Poker – The European Poker Tour is sponsored by PokerStars and is reputed to be the most lucrative online Poker event in Europe. Nearly a billion fans watch this annual Poker tournament and its major events include the European Poker Classics, the Barcelona Open, The Scandinavian Open, the French Open and the Irish Winter Tournament. With such major events in place, the European Poker Tour is the main destination for Poker fans needing to learn new things about the game and catch a glimpse of their favourite Poker stars in action at one of the biggest Poker tournaments.
  • The Poker Tour Championships Is Rad – The World Poker Tour Championship is a relative newcomer to the world Poker scene. It began operations in 2002 and is an annual event that is hosted all around the world. All matches are televised and streamed and the number of skills on show during this televised gameplay make a good combination. The WPT Championships is the climax of the whole World Poker Tour Championship, with the buy-in for the main game costing more than most luxury sedans.
  • Caribbean Poker Adventure Awaits – PokerStars Caribbean Adventure was formed in 2004 and is one of the most exciting Poker tournaments around. Varied Poker organisations have sponsored it since its inception, with the latest being the North American Poker Tour. This Poker tournament used to be held on a cruise ship. As of now, it is regularly hosted at a sunny tropical destination in the Caribbean. As this is a top-class Poker tournament, the top 3 finishers can expect to go home with enough moolah to buy a planet or two if they so wish!

And that’s all on Poker tournaments today, folks!

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