The Latest Trends in Gambling

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The importance of the casino industry simply cannot be overstated. Apart from lighting up the night sky and helping set fashion trends, the UK casino industry has over 40,000 jobs tied to it and each year contributes ₤2 billion to the GDP. Let us look at the main trends in the gambling industry.

The Latest Trends in Gambling

The advent of new and novel technology has been changing the face of the casino industry, leading to upward trends in gambling. Online casinos are now the norm in the UK and are a very popular means of fun that can be accessed anywhere and by anyone on any internet-enabled device.

The rise of technology has led to new trends in gambling. How these trends in gambling effect and will keep affecting the gambling industry are detailed below.

Trends in Gambling Worth Knowing About

The most noteworthy trends in gambling that all gambling aficionados and interested parties should be on the lookout for are as follows: 

  •  Gps & Rfid

    Just about everyone uses mobile devices of some sorts. In fact, there are currently more mobile devices than there are people on this planet, with some folks having multiple mobile devices for adding an extra sweet glow to life. The increased use of mobile devices has contributed to the very impressive growth of mobile casinos. These casinos are fully mobile-optimised and make it possible for folks to go online and access just about any casino game or slot of their choice. This feature provides an incredible level of comfort and convenience.
    RFID for its part means Radio Frequency Identification System. Such a system is used by every recent mobile device and makes it possible for device users to know exactly where they are and be able to detect signals. With RFID-equipped devices, access to online casinos is made easier and more secure.

  • Cryptocurrencies

    Blockchain and cryptocurrencies have been around for a while and has been trending a lot looking at the trends in gambling. Their use is, however, exploding, with new ways of utilising them being constantly discovered. The online casino industry appears to be only recently realising the multifarious advantages of cryptocurrencies. Using cryptocurrencies in online casinos serves to remove the usual bother of the exchange rate and currency conversion, and enables a smoother online casino experience for folks from many different countries. It also provides total anonymity and perfect security, which is very useful in this world.

  • AR

    AR or Augmented Reality is the latest trends in gambling. The technology first came into global prominence with the rise of the Pokemon Go. It is currently being incorporated into the operations of the online casino industry and promises to deliver some outstanding gameplay experiences. AR, for instance, enables a very realistic and immersive gambling experience on mobile. This makes gambling more fun and boosts the number of folks playing the casino games.

  • Facial Recognition

    Online casinos are normally fanatical about security. As they should be. As such, most online casinos make use of industry-standard levels of encryption that make it near impossible for hackers and con artists to compromise user info. Brick-and-mortar casinos, on the other hand, are often subject to frauds and con jobs. As such, most of these casinos now make use of facial recognition tech. With these in place, flagging the face of a con artist or fraudster is much easier, while deceiving the casino and other players is made almost impossible. Usually, casinos with facial recognition technology in place are better regarded than those without it. As such, most physical casinos are currently seeking to integrate facial recognition tech in their operations and thus are  able to offer class-leading services and security to their clientele.

  • IoT

    The Internet Of Things is what makes it possible for most of humanity to communicate and network with their devices. This is made possible by collecting data that is then analysed and made available so that folks can tap into this and make informed decisions. A good example of IoT in actual operation can be found in the use of fitness trackers by fitness enthusiasts. These trackers can be remotely connected to mobile devices, with the data generated being constantly analysed aThe Latest Trends in Gamblingnd made available for later perusal. Much the same principle applies to the use of IoT in casino operations. IoT can be used to improve casino operations by carefully monitoring user satisfaction and approval ratings. Conclusions drawn from this data should then be speedily implemented. The use of IoT may perturb some privacy advocates, but any privacy concerns can be easily worked out.

  • AI

    AI stands for Artificial Intelligence. AI makes it possible for software providers to deliver the exact sort of casino games that are tailored to the unique personality of the individual gambler. AI is so effective that it is often mistaken for magic, but that is not the case. In actuality, AI gathers pertinent user data and uses these to offer experiences that are fully tailored to user likes, needs and personality type. For example, an AI in casino game might be tasked with collecting and analyzing gameplay data and then making use of this data to enable a better, sweeter and more optimised gameplay experience via options, bonuses and the like. AI is one of the most fascinating trends in gambling worth being on the lookout for and will over the next few years enable exclusive casino games beyond imagination.


Gambling is a very popular endeavour and the gambling sector is often among the first to embrace new technologies that will enhance their operations. Over the years, some new trends in gambling have been introduced, most of which could shape the future to come and enable a richer and more immersive gambling experience.

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