Is It Safe to Play Nektan Casino Games? Find out at Hot Mobile Casino

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Is It Safe to Play Nektan Casino Games? Find out at Hot Mobile Casino

Although Nektan Software came into existence only in 2014, it has emerged as one of the leading software providers for online casinos in this very short period. While the name may not be very familiar with mobile gamblers, they are sure to have come across its signature Nektan 2020Casino mobile slots.

How Safe Are Nektan Casino Slots?

Online gambling in any form, including mobile gaming, needs to have the assurance of a very high degree of safety and security. This is because personal information of users like the login credentials, banking and credit card details, etc. can be very easily hacked by unscrupulous elements if the site is not secure. Another aspect that users need to be confident about is that the casino games are not rigged because in that case, they will end up only losing money without having a fair chance of winning. Of course, one does recognise that overall the casino must pay out less in winnings than it wears to be sustainable but losing at the slots should be due to bad luck, not outright fraud. Nektan Casino assures that it all the required licenses that allow its operation and it follows strict policies of data encryption to ensure complete security of users’ personal and financial data. Apart from being ISO certified, it takes care to comply with all the rules and regulations of the Gambling Commission for Great Britain and the Gibraltar Licensing Authority.

What Do These Steps and Compliance by Nektan Casino Mean?

For mobile gamblers playing at a casino with a platform provided by Nektan Casino, it means that the games are safe to play and the practices followed by the casino are regulated, transparent, and completely fair. In keeping with the compliance required, Nektan ensures that all its advertising, sponsoring, promotions, etc. are truthful, accurate, and not calculated to appeal to minors. In keeping with the high standards applied to ethics, the company ensures that its sites do not link to any sources that contain content that is immoral, violent or attractive to minors.

What is the RTP of Nektan Casino?

Return to Player (RTP) is a term used in the casino business to describe the percentage of all money paid by the gamblers that come back to them as winnings over time. This means that if a person makes 100 bets of $1 each on a lot that has an RTP of 90%, he will win back around $90. The average RTP of all slot games operated by Nektan Casino is as high as 96.3% with the highest rate even touching 99% for some slot games. While such a mediocre return for the casino is not ideal, it assures the gamblers that the winning and losing is due to their luck and not rigged by the casinos. It has to be kept in mind that the RTP is not just a claim by the casino by a verifiable figure confirmed by independent organizations that run various tests to verify the fairness and safety aspects of the casino operations. This high level of auditing ensures that the games are completely safe for users to play.

What the Locations Where Nektan Casino Is Licensed to Operate

Nektan has licenses that permit it to operate in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Gibraltar. The acceptance by different countries in an indication of the very quality of its software and operations, because different countries have different standards of compliance and the company must adhere to them all. The UK Gambling Commission has issues licenses that allow the company to offer software as well as gaming services in the UK market. It has also complied with the Irish regulations for a license that allows it to operate as a remote betting intermediary license in the Irish market. The Gibraltar License Agreement allows the company to operate a maximum of 10 groups of games that include slot machines, video poker, casino-style table games, numbers-based games, poker, dice games, skill and prediction games, and scratch cards. What will also be an added element of comfort to gamers and gamblers is that all the Nektan casinos are managed by experienced operators who also are certified independently.


Nektan Casino came into existence to take advantage of the huge increase in mobile gaming. The company has implemented very strong technology and operational expertise to emerge as among the top mobile gambling companies enjoying the respect and trust of gamblers worldwide. 

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