A Relatively Brief History of Roulette

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Roulette is a dashing table game whose outcomes are based on the chance. We all know that there is Roulette game comes with Roulette wheel and table and when the ball is spun in the wheel, accordingly winning results can be obtained. But did you know how this game came into existence in the first place? Who could think of such an easy yet highly thrilling game to invent? Read on to know all the hot details and the history of Roulette.

 A Relatively Brief History of Roulette

It all began in 1655

The French Physicist and Mathematician, Blaise Pascal is a famous inventor of many mathematics and physics theories and formulas. In 1655, he was trying to invent the perpetual motion machine which would operate on its own without accessing any external energy. Although Pascal did not succeed in defying the odds of physics to create the perpetual motion machine, he accidentally ended up creating a Roulette wheel. And that’s when the history of Roulette began.

The Addition of zero in the history of Roulette

When Pascal invented the game accidentally, he did not add zero in it. Surprisingly, even other folks did not make any changes to this machine and used it for centuries together. But in 1842, Francois and Lois Blanc went on to design a Roulette wheel that came with single zero. This was done for King Charles III of Monaco.

With the addition of zero, a concept of a bigger house edge came into effect. This is the European Roulette game with 36 numbers and a single zero. This was a huge thing since the kingdom of Monaco was going through a financial crisis. Yet, King Charles went on to build a casino for his subjects and also introduced a Roulette wheel with zero in the casino.

This seemed like the best move by King Charles since the casino generated a huge income for the Kingdom of Monaco and also became a principal symbol in the culture of Monte Carlo’s exclusive gambling. This also was at the same time when France outlawed gambling, which brought even more publicity to the casino of Monte Carlo.

History of Roulette continues in America

The history of Roulette also has American influence. It was somewhere in the 1800s when Roulette was carried to America along with the travellers and British colonials. Now the Americans wanted a bigger edge compared to the one that a single zero roulette game brought. Hence, they went on to add another zero which is called as double zero. This is the American Roulette game with 36 numbers, a single zero and a double zero accounting for a total of 38 digits.

History of Roulette stepped into the online world

With the invention of online casinos somewhere in the early 2000s, the game of Roulette went online. This was an awesome thing because before this invention people had to travel to European countries or American countries if they wanted to play a single zero game of Roulette or double zero games of Roulette respectively. But now, thanks to the online casinos, players can play the game of Roulette of their choice from any part of the world and also from any device they wish.

This is not it! There are certainly other forms of Roulette that have been introduced by online casinos with slightly different rules.
Roulette has arrived a long way and considering its popularity it is here to stay for another few centuries at least.

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