Guide to Solve Casino Disputes

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The current trend of online gambling is thriving like never before. With technology backing the online casino industry, many online casinos games can be accessed by several players across the globe. Every player has access to the game of their choice in any awesome theme he/she likes. Not just themes, these online casino games come with amazing quests, rewards, mini-games and many more exciting features. 

Guide to Solve Casino Disputes

While it’s entertaining, players also get a chance to win handsome bucks. Hence, the online casino industry is rapidly expanding in current times. With this expansion, it is obvious for certain issues to crop up between players and casinos. Every game has its own set of rules, rewards, various offers for various category players and such. Some players are clever enough to understand every bit of it but there are others for whom this whole process of online gaming can be confusing. In case of confusion coupled with lack of complete information or unsatisfactory solutions by the online casinos’, the customer care services can leave players annoyed and this is when the small issues turn into disputes between casinos and players. In such situations, this guide is exactly what players need to solve casino disputes. 

Avoid Getting into Casino Disputes in the First Place

It is one thing to find solutions for disputes when you’re already into one but it’s a whole different thing to avoid getting into them. Yes, if there is no issue at all, you do not have to go through the trouble of finding solutions. So, to avoid getting into casino disputes, players have to do some research online before settling for any particular online casino. There are many online casinos reviewing sites or forums which give honest reviews of the casino site. These sites help players know different kinds of online games, bonuses, customer support responsiveness and such other details of the online casinos. Also, certain forums allow players to share their experience of the online casino sites they have used. With this information, the new players can weigh which online casino site is best for them and choose it for their gameplay. 

After choosing their preferred online casino site, the players can test the casino’s offerings by playing their free games and understand their rules, bonuses and the overall reputation of that casino. Also, players should read the terms and conditions of the casino before depositing and playing for actual money. Apart from general terms and conditions, players will also come across rules for every game, bonuses, promotional offers, tournaments, welcome offers, VIP offers and what not. Players should make sure they read these rules before settling for the casino or game in total. By following these steps, players can avoid a multitude of casino disputes they can come across while online gaming. 

Despite this, if the players still end up getting into disputes with casinos, here is how they should handle them. 

Contact the Customer Support Team

Before contacting the customer support team, players should do some research by reading the terms and conditions page of that particular casino. If there is something that the players can use to support their claim, they can attach that portion while reaching out to the support team. While writing to the support team, the players should provide all the details that are necessary to back their claims like the offer mentioned, the date when the game was played, the amount deposited to play that particular game and such. 

The online casino sites are most concerned about their reputation. Hence, they make sure to provide customer service in a way that could resolve the issue with customer satisfaction. They resolve by launching a formal investigation and providing a quick solution. 

But it is not always that the players will be satisfied with the solutions provided by the support team. Such players can forward the complaint to the dispute mediation institutions like CEDR, IPCA and ADRg. 

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Providers at Your Service

Alternative dispute resolution providers are the external agencies which are basically third parties that get involved to investigate the casino disputes further in depth. UK Gambling Commission makes it compulsory for the online casinos to provide at least one ADR bodies. ADR bodies take around 90 days to solve casino disputes but it also varies from case to case. If there is more complexity involved with the casino disputes, ADR bodies can extend the time to resolve them. 

The players can start a conversation about the casino disputes they are experiencing with the ADR bodies free of cost but further into the case they might need bare certain expenses. 

Check out the list of Alternate Dispute Resolution bodies as approved by the UK Gambling Commission below.

  • ADRg Express

ADRg express is one of the UK’s oldest dispute resolution providers for the casino disputes arising online. They provide virtual mediation services through their aptly trained staff and the latest technology which makes it easier to approach casino disputes cases even with complex nature. ADRg has three different categories of claim viz., £5000 or less, £5000 to £15000, £15000 or more. Below are the contact details of the ADRg express.


E-mail: [email protected]

Phone: +44 (0)203 600 50 50

Address: International Dispute Resolution Centre, 70 Fleet Street, London EC4Y 1EU 

  • Independent Betting Adjudication Service (IBAS)

IBAS is a body which is backed by the Under-Secretary of State at the Home Office along with the approval of the trade associations. It plays an impartial role in providing solutions to the claims made the players in any casino disputes. IBAS provides both solutions as well as professional assistance to the players. Below are the contact details of IBAS.


Email: [email protected]

Phone: +44 (0)20 7347 5883

Address: PO Box 62639, London, EC3P 3AS 

  • Bacta ADR Service

Bacta ADR Service is another casino disputes resolution body whose operations are carried out in English language only. Accordingly, players must make online complaints in the English language on their website and further action will be taken by the Bacta ADR Service as needed. Bacta ADR Service website also has provided a list of the casino operators who are registered for their assistance. Below are the contact details of Bacta ADR Service.


Email: [email protected]

Address: Bacta ADR Service, 29-30 Ely Place. London, EC1N 6TD 

  • Independent Panel for Casino and Bingo Arbitration (IPCA)

IPCA is another casino disputes resolution body which focuses mainly on the British gambling arena and the disputes occurring there. On the official website of the IPCA, players can get detailed instructions on how to prevent casino disputes and also information on how to solve them on your own. Contact details for IPCA organisation are mentioned below.


Email: [email protected]

Phone:  +44 (0)20 7932 0751

Address: Carlyle House, 235 Vauxhall Bridge Road, London, SW1V 1EJ 

Seeking Judicial Help to Resolve the Casino Disputes

If the players are not satisfied by any of the above-mentioned solutions, they can take their dispute for resolution to the court. These disputes occurring between casino operators and players fall under the UK Consumer Rights act. Accordingly, players must know their rights beforehand through which they can sue the casino with which they have a dispute with. 

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