4 Gambling Themed Movies that are Worth Watching

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Are you a gambling enthusiast? Most of the gamblers prefer to spend their free time playing their favourite casino slot either online or in the brick and mortar casino. But do you know there are other ways to spend some quality time without having to hit the casino? Well, producers have created a plethora of movies based on a gamble to help people pass their free time and spend an evening full of entertainment. Whether you are a professional gambler or you aren’t into gambling at all, the casino-based movies are super thrilling for all types of audiences.

4 Gambling Themed Movies that are Worth Watching

So, do you want to feel the real casino life without visiting a casino? Are you curious to know what exactly happens in casinos? If yes is your answer, here are some top gambling movies you shouldn’t miss out on. The best part is these movies feature some famous characters (maybe your favourite celebrities). So, are you ready to get an insight into the real-life casino through gambling movies? Let’s have a look at top 4 casino movies you must add to your movies-to-watch list.

1. Casino Royale

First up on our list is ‘Casino Royale’, the James Bond classic movie featuring Daniel Craig as the lead performer. ‘Casino Royale’ is the combination of excitement, etiquette, and not to mention some high-stake casino games. There’s no denying that ‘Casino Royale’ gained immense popularity in almost no time. James Bond movies have always been appreciated by the audience. That’s mainly because Bond movies precisely give you the best visual treat. And ‘Casino Royale’ is not an exception. Released in 2006, the film was shot in Czech Republic, Italy, and the Bahamas. Overall, it is an interesting movie, especially for poker-lovers.

2. 21

Kevin Spacey has earned significant fame and love from the audience in the past few years. And it won’t be wrong to say that his performance in the audience’s favourite gambling movie ‘21’ was one of his most amazing performances. He plays the role of Micky Rosa, a professor who rules a renowned Blackjack team. The main reason why the audience loved it and appreciated the movie is its gambling concept. The movie is completely based on the MIT Blackjack team, a powerful card-counting group consisting of professional gamblers who threatened the Las Vegas Casinos using their legal advantage.

It is worth noting that the movie doesn’t imitate the real MIT Blackjack Team of the ’80s and ’90s. However, it does take the users to the late ’90s when a group of mathematics genius used the card-counting game to get an edge over the dealer. If you haven’t watched ‘21’, it is time to watch this Kevin Spacey’s only gambling movie.

3. The Sting

If you are looking for a classic gambling movie, this one is worth a shot. The movie features Robert Redford as the lead role. Robert Redford plays the part of Johnny Hooker, a con-artist. You also get to see Paul Newman as Henry Gondorff (the partner of Johnny Hooker). Though it is a retro movie, gambling enthusiasts often find themselves watching this movie again and again. The pair i.e. Johnny and Henry (who fights Doyle Lonnegan in horse racing) have nailed the performance.

If you are up for an entertaining and thriller evening, watch ‘The Sting’ and enjoy some really interesting and unexpected twist and turns.

4. God of Gamblers

The Chinese gambling movie that features a lot of adventures and excitement is the ‘God of Gamblers’. The movie features Chow Yun-fat as the lead character, portraying the role of Ko Chun. Ko Chun, often known as the God of Gamblers, is one of the top Chinese gamblers. He has gained immense recognition for winning all types of casino games. Ko Chun loses his memory as he meets with a tragic accident and partners with an average casino player ‘Little Knife’ (one of the famous Asian artists with approximately 160 movies on his portfolio).

The plot of the movie is amazing. Some famous characters, twists and turns, and some action and thrillers scenes are surely going to catch your sight. 

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