The Fibonacci System in Roulette

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A game of Roulette is an exciting ordeal for many and involves an intricate system of tactic display and strategy implementation. No wonder because of its high profiteering probability, do gamblers and professional seek for ways to avail better chance and probability of getting better returns. The Fibonacci System is one such strategy that has the potential to help professionals seek better outcomes and winning probabilities. Although it can be used in most table-based casino games like Baccarat, Blackjack, Craps etc., this has an influential role to play in a game of Roulette as well.

The Fibonacci System in Roulette

Origin and meaning of the Fibonacci System:

The brains behind this concept were introduced by an Italian Mathematician named Fibonacci. The concept was a 13th-century discovery that has found a significant role to play in modern-day mathematics as well. However, in terms of casino games, this system is based on the concept of a negative progression pattern that involves a definite set of numbers that were figured and pointed out by Fibonacci. It involves the player to decrease the bet value in the event of a win and increase the bet value when the player loses a round.

Note: Number Series in the Fibonacci System:

A Fibonacci number set consists of a series of numbers where every next consecutive number is the addition of the previous two consecutive numbers. For e.g., 1,1,2,3,5,8,13…. The first number is one in the series. The next number is 1 too since the addition of the previous two numbers (1+0) equals 1. The third number in the series is 2 (1+1 = 2). The fourth number is 3 (1+2 = 3) and so on. This set of number can go on infinitely.

Fibonacci system under application in table-game:

In an ideal game that consists of a player winning and losing rounds, bets are placed on even bets using the concept of decreasing and increasing its value based on the outcome of the round for the player. So, in case of the first bet, the player places an even bet of 1. In case of a loss, the player advances forward in the series and places another 1-unit value of the bet. Let in case the player wins in the next round, the bet value for the third round should be two places behind the current bet value. If in case the player has not advanced too forward in the set of Fibonacci numbers, he/she can start from the first number in the sequence yet again. This goes on till the end of the game and till the player has accumulated a substantial amount of profit.

Best possibilities for applying the Fibonacci System:

This system has a low-end risk involved in betting. In an ideal game, this system must be used to place even bets or even low 18/high 18 bets as well. It offers a 47% chance of winning for the player (The percentage lowers because of House edge). The outside bets offer payouts in the ratio of 1:1.

Logical Standpoint of the Fibonacci System:

The entire system revolves around making amends in the case of apparent losses. Decreasing and increasing bet values allows the player to judgmentally allow himself/herself the chance to recoup the losses in any round. As well as one advances through the series, wins can be even more since the bet value limit increases as one advances forward.

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