Female Poker Players Who Played Like Goddesses

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Poker players are of all sorts. Some play for fun, others for wins and the opportunity of giving their brain matter a good workout. Most Poker players are of course men, but an increasing number are female, with a few of these being amazingly successful at the game.

Female Poker Players Who Played Like Goddesses

This was not always so. Up to the 1970s, Poker and most other casino games were unofficially considered to be men-only games. A drastic change in public attitudes occurred during the 1970s when the WSOP first started up. 

Soon after ladies-only Poker events were created, with some of these female players leaving their mark on Poker history as we know it. Eventually, women became widely accepted in the Poker world, with the inaugural Women’s World Open taking place in 2007.

Here’s an overview of the top female Poker players who have played the game like angels were sitting on their shoulders:

  • Sell It To The Selbs t– No list of the top female Poker players on this planet could ever be complete without the great and fabulous Vanessa K. Selbst occupying the top spot. This lady has nearly £12 million pounds in career wins and is the owner of 3, yes, 3 WSOP bracelets. Vanessa is from the US, Brooklyn precisely, schooled at the world-famous MIT for around a year, before pursuing a law degree at Yale Law School. She has been active in the professional Poker scene for around a dozen years and in that short period has achieved what very few people of either sex have. Sadly, Vanessa is no longer active in the professional Poker playing world. She announced her retirement in 2018, with the reason that she simply wanted to live her life away from all the fawning media attention. Our best thoughts are with her, though we also wish to let her know that the Poker scene is no longer the same without her.
  • Leave It To Liv – Liv Boeree is a 34-year old lass commands great respect and rightly too. She is from Kent and is regarded as one of the best Poker players of her generation. Sweet Liv has won nearly £4 million playing Poker and is a WSOP and European Poker Tour champion. She is referred to as the “Iron Maiden” with her opponents swiftly learning the nickname was no mere affectation. In 2017 Liv was placed 10th at the London Pokerstars Festival, with this helping cement her place in the public’s affection.
  • Blow Them Away, Annie – Annie LaBarr Duke is among the best Poker players ever and a legend in her own right. This American has since won around 4 million pounds in prize money and is a WSOP Tournament of Champions winner. Poker seems to run in her family, with her brother being among some of the best Poker players to grace a live event. Feisty Annie is not as active as she once was, but there is no doubting the fact that she has long since earned a reputation as one of the best female Poker players the world has been fortunate to witness.
  • Kathy Likes It Hot – Kathleen H. Leibert is the kind of Poker player which is loved all around the world. She is 51-years old, has a mind that is sharp enough to cut steel and has over the years taken away more than £6 million in prize money. Kathy or “PokerKat” has been present at no less than 6 World Poker Tour finals and is a well-respected veteran. In 2017, Kathy came 19 out of 50 in the WSOP, which is a record that nearly all of our readers are simply unable to match. PokerKat seems to have it all and fully deserves her standing in the global Poker ranking. 
  • Vanessa Plays For Keeps – Vanessa Ashley Rousso is a famous TV personality and a 36-year old American professional Poker player. She is also very skilled at chess and since going pro has probably won many Poker events. There is a little confusion as to whether she is still professionally active, but there is no denying the fact that Vanessa is among the best female Poker players in history. 

And that’s all for today, folks.

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