Facts about Online Casinos You Didn’t Know

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How interestingly the online gambling industry is flourishing day by day isn’t a hidden fact. If you are into gambling, you know how casino companies are putting their best efforts to provide the amazing gambling experience to the players. The exciting entertainment options, plenty of jackpots that players win regularly, and most importantly the convenient gaming experience that makes the player feel as if they are playing in the brick and mortar casino are some of the exciting online casino features that attract all the gamblers out there. These were only a few online gaming features that most of the gamblers already know. However, there are also some unrevealed facts about online casinos that not many people are aware of. Here are they:

Facts about Online Casinos You Didn't Know

84% of Gamblers Are Males

According to the studies and gambling surveys in which the ratio of men versus women was calculated, it was discovered that with a whopping figure of 84% male gamblers, men are into gambling and casinos more than women. However contrasting to this fact, the first license holder of gambling in Las Vegas was a woman named Mayme Stocker.

Monte Carlo Is Known for Its Casinos

Have you ever heard about Monte Carlo? If yes, you might recognize it as a region popular for the Grace Kelley, the luxurious and wealthy items, and Formula 1 Grand Prix Race. But, the place is also famous for being home to one of the most interesting casinos in the world. Even though it is known for offering amazing casinos to the gaming-enthusiasts, the country has prohibited gambling for its own citizens, which means the citizens of Monaco have no access to any of the Monte Carlo Casino nor can they gamble.

Card Rounding Is Embraced by Casinos

Have you seen the film 21 in which 6 MIT students had learned card counting techniques? Though it might look pretty weird, card counting isn’t considered illegal or unacceptable technique in blackjack. While casinos across the world are adopting strategies to avoid card counting, it is still practiced widely.

You Can Ban Yourself From Gambling

One of the weirdest facts about online casinos is one can prohibit himself from playing casinos game or indulging in any type of gambling activity. A famous city namely Ohio presented an exclusive “Voluntary Exclusion” Program according to which players can ban themselves from playing slot or table games or placing bets.

Gamblers Are Adopting Online Casinos

You all know how online gambling industry has made a major impact on the gamblers in a decade. The influence of online gambling platforms was so strong that there remained only a 10% of the population who pay a visit to the brick and mortar casino whereas 90% of the gamblers prefer to play their favourite slot on their smartphones.

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