A Comprehensive Online Slots Glossary

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Online slots are well-known for their simplicity and ease of use gameplay. They tend to be quite colourful, are frequently loaded with hefty jackpot prizes and feature a nearly endless array of themes. They also have no learning curve worth the name and can be played by all anywhere, anytime.

A Comprehensive Online Slots Glossary

Yes, no skill is required to play online slots. Still, those who are serious about catching the most fun from it usually determine to learn everything they can about it.

That is the aim of this slots glossary, which seeks to explain some of the most commonly used online slot terms in a manner that anyone can understand. So read on and take note of them.

The Perfect Online Slots Glossary for the Ages

This slots glossary contains a slew of useful terms that will deepen player understanding of the game. These terms are as follows: 

  • Action/Play

    Both terms refer to exactly how much players have wagered on a slot over a certain period of time. Most slot machines can track how much has been wagered on them over a certain time. Slot players can use this information to know when they are exceeding their bankroll.

  • Slot Machine Bank

    This refers to a group or row of physical slot machines in a brick-and-mortar casino. When slot machines are closely arraigned together, it is referred to as a bank of slots.

  • Auto-Spin

    Not all slots have this feature, but most do. When enabled, the reels spin by themselves and for a set time. Players can just set the slot auto-spin to play for a certain amount, sit back and have fun.

  • Max Bet

    The max bet is the maximum permissible wager on each spin. The max bet varies from slot to slot and simply cannot be breached.

  • Min Bet

    the min bet refers to the lowest permissible wager per spin. It too varies from one slot to the other and usually cannot be changed.

  • Reels

    All slots have reels. This varies, with some slots being equipped with 3, while most have 5 and up. It is on the slot machine reels that the gameplay icons rest on.

  • Bet Max

    The bet max is a very craft feature found in most slots. When clicked, it configures the slot to accept the maximum permissible wager per spin. Using the max bet button allows players to quickly bet the maximum, which is why it is so useful and a certified time saver.

  • Multipliers

    Multipliers can be found in most recent slots. Their appearance usually calls for a celebration as they multiply the value of wins. Multipliers come in the form of 2x, 3x and the like and can essentially boost both the fun to be had and wins to be gained.

  • Wilds

    Wilds are common in most slots. They are the rough equivalent of the joker in a card deck. The exact role of wilds varies from slot to slot, with some triggering bonuses, while others activate mini-features.

  • Scatters

    Scatters are common in most slots and are therefore detailed in this slots glossary. Like wilds, their appearance calls for a celebration, as they usually trigger the featured bonuses. There is also often a prize or payout for landing scatter icons on any or designated portions of the reels.

  • Free Spins

    A few people reading this slots glossary can swear to have never heard of free spins. Free spins are a crowd puller any day of the week and make it possible for slot players to spin the reels for free and stand a chance of winning something.

  • Progressive Jackpots

    In this slots glossary, the progressive jackpot is king of all. Progressive jackpots slots are slots with jackpot prizes that grow and grow as more and more people play such slots without winning. It is not uncommon for the jackpots in progressive slots to reach six and even seven-figure sums. There are quite a few progressive jackpot slots around, any one of which could make players very lucky.

  • Bonus Icons

    Bonus icons in most online slots are special icons that are tasked with activating bonuses like free spins and cash payouts. They, therefore, play an important role on any slots glossary worth the name.

  • Payline

    This is also often referred to as the betline. The payline in this slots glossary refers to the total icon combos that will make for a win. It is usually the case that slots with more paylines have greater winning chances and vice versa.

  • RTP

    This is the Return To The Player and refers to exactly how much a slot will payout over the long term. 

And that is almost everything in the online slots glossary.

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