All About Casino Wagering Requirements

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All kinds of online gambling such as online slot games, online casino games, sports betting etc involve wagering requirements. However, you’re not alone who don’t understand it and certainly not the only one who finds the Casino Wagering Requirements annoying. Let’s learn about the importance of wagering requirements and their working.

All About Casino Wagering Requirements

What are Casino Wagering Requirements?

In simple words, these are the terms and conditions associated with the bonus offers that refrains a player from making withdrawals and well, drive him/her nuts at times. To understand casino wagering requirements, you must first be familiarised with the term wagering.

Wagering: Technically, wager means bet; thus wagering can be related to betting. A wager is a bet played on slots and other casino games, similarly, wagering is the amount one should play on a game. In other words, it represents the number of times a player needs to play before he/she is eligible to make a withdrawal. All those bonus offers are restricted with wagering requirements to a player’s dismay.

Casino wagering requirements are set on bonus offers and many jackpots. A player cannot make a withdrawal from the prize won with a bonus until the wagering requirements are fulfilled. To satisfy these terms, a player needs to place a bet at a fixed time before the bonus balance can be used.

When you first sign up with a casino, a welcome bonus is awarded. This bonus rewards newbie with bonus money after successfully making the first deposit. However, this money cannot be used as real money until certain conditions are taken care of. Those conditions are what we call casino wagering requirements.

Importance of Casino Wagering Requirements

It is understandable that a player does not really see any importance of these restrictions but quite the opposite. It is natural for players to wonder why all the bonus offers come with certain wagering requirements. Customers are left puzzling why they need to bet the bonus and deposit amounts quite a few times before completely triggering the bonus. The answer is – wagering requirements are safety approach from casinos.

  • Playing it safe
    Casinos do not risk it when it comes to a possible loss of money. First and foremost, what a player needs to understand is that a casino is hardly ever in a loss because they’re simply always a step ahead. Without casino wagering requirements any player can easily withdraw all the money and probably not play again. Yes, imagine winning a mega jackpot, you would probably not want to risk the money again and just seek to withdraw it and enjoy your riches.

Therefore, casinos introduce certain requirements so that a player could not withdraw the bonus money right away. To do so, a player must place a bet on the bonus (and sometimes deposit amount also) a certain number of times. To ensure that no customer ever runs away with easy money, gamble houses implement the policy of wagering requirements.

Doing so ensures that any player who gets the benefit of the casino’s generous bonus and promotions stick around to gamble that money for a while. The popular belief that “You never really walk about with a lot of profit from casino” seems really true with policies like these.

How do Casino Wagering Requirements work?

It is no tough row to hoe to understand the workings of wagering requirement policies. Before you can turn the bonus money into real money, a few steps involving multiple betting are essential. Generally, these policies only require the player to play through the bonus amount a certain number of times. But in case of a really immense bonus, both the deposit amount and bonus amount are collective to be played.

The most common types of casino wagering requirements are 10x and 20x. The former means that a player must play the bonus amount 10 times before making the withdrawal. Similarly, the latter requires a player to bet on the bonus money 20 times before it can be withdrawn in the bank account. Let’s analyse the working of wagering requirements with the aid of an example.

Imagine a casino is providing you with a bonus of $100 for a deposit of $30 with a wagering requirement of 10x. Now, a player needs to play the bonus amount of $100 ten times on some game before a withdrawal can be made. Mathematically, the total of ten bets will come out to $1000. Say, if the deposit money is also required as a wagering requirement deal. The total sum to be played on a bet will become $130. Therefore, in this case, a player would have played bets of worth $1300 before he/she can make a withdrawal.

How to handle Casino Wagering Requirements?

The first and most important thing is to read the casino policies thoroughly. These sets of instructions have all the required information about wagering constraints. Everyone understands the need for reading the terms and conditions yet due to a reason or two, many of us opt to not read them at all.

Also, a little mental calculator always comes in handy while gambling your money. It is recommended to players to be able to calculate the total bet value they need to play based on wagering requirements and bonus money. Also, a player should look out for bonus, jackpots, and some slot games that do not have casino wagering requirements imposed over them. Another important thing to keep in mind is to pick the right casino for your needs. Read the reviews before signing up with any casino.

No Casino Wagering Requirement Bonus

Yes, it is true that some bonus does not involve any wagering requirements and allows a player to withdraw the money instantly. These bonuses that do not have a play through are popularly known wager-free bonus offers. Also in recent years, an interesting type of bonus has emerged:

  • Non-sticky Bonus: It is also known as parachute bonus. This bonus allows a player to play on his/her funds first and burn the bonus money afterwards if needed. In such bonus offers, a player can request a withdrawal right away in case of a mega win.

Remember to read the wagering policies carefully before signing up with any casino. Happy gaming!

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