Casino Etiquette for Beginners

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A casino is a place where people place bets on different games in a bid to entertain themselves. According to recent reports, global casinos make about $160 billion in revenue per year. About 46% of that demographic are adults. People like to spend some money on gambling because of the prospect of making money. Yet, some people aren’t well-behaved. Some have questionable behavior in casinos. The wrong behavior can get punters in trouble with owners and fellow players. It is due to this reason that knowing how to conduct yourself when gambling is important. This article explains how you should use casino etiquettes properly.

Casino Etiquette for Beginners

Common Casino Etiquette Rules

The simple and common etiquette rules that we’ve known since childhood come in handy here. Respecting other players, and employees is a good place to begin. The five magic words like, please, sorry, thank you, pardon me and excuse me help in lightening a heavy mood. Learn to stay composed rather than going overboard when winning or losing.

Some establishments only allow certain dress code. In other casinos, casual dressing won’t gain you admission. In such establishments, players have to be dressed in a suit. You can easily determine this by looking at their website or even looking at how their patrons wear.

Some rules are specific to some casino establishments. Some casinos don’t allow running within the premises for obvious reasons. In other casinos, smoking is only allowed in designated areas. Failure to adhere to these rules will lead to expulsion. Other rules include refraining from shouting at other players, profanity and unruly behaviour after drinking.

Practice Patience

Most beginners are often in a hurry to start gambling. They irritate other players by squeezing between them at the table. Even at slot machines, beginners are often impatient while waiting for their turn. Learn to be respectful when the game is in progress.

Learn the Ropes

Sitting at the table and expecting players and patrons to answer your questions is unfair. You need to research and understand the rules of the game before playing. Some experienced players might extend an olive branch and answer your questions. But only as an act of kindness. Even so, they still want to focus on the game. You do not want to be an inconvenience to someone who’s trying to make money in a casino.

You also need to learn the various hand signals used in gambling. Games like Blackjack use these non-verbal cues.

Always strive to be courteous while dealing with dealers and other players and try to take prompt decisions. If the game is too fast for you, courteously convey your signals to the dealer without causing tension.

Don’t Expect Sympathy

It is very unlikely to go on a roll in a casino and win big at the first attempt of gambling. No one will let you in on their strategies and tips to help you win. Similarly, casino owners will not stop you from spending and losing all your income in one sitting. Decide on the amount you can afford to lose before taking your place at the table or slot machine.

Drink Responsibly

Irresponsible drinking often leads to rash and indecisive behaviour. You can easily pour your drink over the table or even a slot machine. This will be a huge inconvenience to other players. You may be expunged from the premises. Winning or losing might cloud your judgement skills and force you to make rash decisions.

Courteous Smoking

Casinos retain the right to allow smoking. Even so, don’t blow smoke in other people’s faces, It is disrespectful and may lead to brawls.

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