Things To Know About The New Age Verification Checks In UK Casinos 2019

All-new age verification checks have been recently instituted in all UK casinos. These rules stipulate that UK casinos can no longer accept new players without first verifying vital information like their address, name and date of birth. These sweeping regulations were introduced by the UK Gambling Commission and are designed to stop such ills as […]

A Comprehensive Online Slots Glossary

Online slots are well-known for their simplicity and ease of use gameplay. They tend to be quite colourful, are frequently loaded with hefty jackpot prizes and feature a nearly endless array of themes. They also have no learning curve worth the name and can be played by all anywhere, anytime. Yes, no skill is required […]

Try These Fantastic Poker Variants

The Omaha Poker variant is slightly different from traditional poker variants: players can combine three of the five cards, which are dealt face-up, and two hole cards to get the best hand. Omaha Poker also has three variants: Pot-Limit Omaha Poker which limits the player to place an equal wager to the pot value; the […]

Bitcoin Casino and Their Benefits to the Online Gamblers

The digital currencies have taken online transactions to a whole new level. Among these the most outstanding and popularly known digital currency is Bitcoin. By now, most of you might be familiar with the Bitcoin, thanks to the ultimate storm it created between the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018. This decentralised cryptocurrency […]

The Latest Trends in Gambling

The importance of the casino industry simply cannot be overstated. Apart from lighting up the night sky and helping set fashion trends, the UK casino industry has over 40,000 jobs tied to it and each year contributes ₤2 billion to the GDP. Let us look at the main trends in the gambling industry. The advent […]

Massive Poker Tournaments

Poker is a game that is simply in a class all its very own. It is a skill-based game where the strongest, fittest and canniest survive and take home the pot. Poker has always been one of the most popular casino games around and will by all appearances stay that way till the moon turns […]

Female Poker Players Who Played Like Goddesses

Poker players are of all sorts. Some play for fun, others for wins and the opportunity of giving their brain matter a good workout. Most Poker players are of course men, but an increasing number are female, with a few of these being amazingly successful at the game. This was not always so. Up to […]

The Legality of Card Counting Methods

Card Counting has been a practice prevalent across land-based casinos where players used this technique often to increase their winning opportunities at the Blackjack table. With the casinos spotting players counting cards to their advantage, the operators began employing pit bosses to do the rounds. So, practically the casino can ask you to stop playing […]

Movie Themed Slots for the Movie fans

There is seemingly no theme that has not been featured in online slots. Some slots are themed around Africa, others Asia and more than a few are about pop culture. Then there are the online slots themed around some of the most iconic and popular movies ever made. Such movie-themed slots usually feature enough eye-candy […]

4 Gambling Themed Movies that are Worth Watching

Are you a gambling enthusiast? Most of the gamblers prefer to spend their free time playing their favourite casino slot either online or in the brick and mortar casino. But do you know there are other ways to spend some quality time without having to hit the casino? Well, producers have created a plethora of […]

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