80 Ball Bingo – an Introduction to This Exciting Variant of Online Bingo

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80 Ball Bingo - an Introduction to This Exciting Variant of Online Bingo

80 ball Bingo is an amazing variant of bingo played by many bingo enthusiasts around the world. It is fun, easy and perfect for some potential positive outcomes. This variation was formed in the UK. 80 ball Bingo has earned a niche in the online bingo world. This variant is for Bingo players looking for a unique twist on the Bingo games. 80-ball Bingo is ideal for enthusiasts who feel that 90-ball bingo is too slow and cumbersome to play, and who also think that 75-ball bingo is a little too traditional. This variant was created especially for online players, and since then it has been increasing in popularity. To win this game, a player must mark off a complete row in a pattern. As with 75 ball Bingo, each column has within it a number range. For example, the first row contains 1-20, the second is 21-40 and so on. Many online Bingo UK websites provide this game for the players to enjoy.

How to Play an 80 Ball Bingo Game?

The 80-ball Bingo game is like the 75-ball Bingo. The differences are in the number of balls and the layout of the cards. 80 ball Bingo uses a 4×4 card, holding 16 squares, 4 columns and 4 rows. There are several popular patterns used for winning an 80 ball Bingo game, including 4 corners, single numbers, horizontal lines and vertical lines. Each box is numbered randomly from number 1 to 80.

  • First Column – 1 to 20
  • Second Column – 21 to 40
  • Third Column – 41 to 60
  • Fourth Column – 61 to 80

The Winning Patterns in an 80 Ball Bingo Game

This entertaining Bingo game offers players many possibilities for winning. Sometimes you will have to achieve a specific pattern and they might change with each game. Here are the different 80 ball Bingo patterns that the players have to complete:

  1. Any line: You are entitled with a win if you complete one row first
  2. Any two lines: Cover any two horizontal lines in one of your 80-ball bingo cards first
  3. Any three lines: Daub any three lines on the ticket to enjoy a win
  4. Full house: Complete all numbers and all four lines in a ticket for a full house

Some Tips for 80 Ball Bingo

There are some tips and tricks that you can use while playing the 80 ball Bingo game.

Play with Multiple Cards:

The more cards you play with, the better are the chances of winning. It is a way to put the odds on your side. Hence, buying numerous 80 ball Bingo cards can help you to boost your chances.

Read the 80 Ball Bingo Rules:

To make your bingo sessions fun and easy, always check out the rules of the games.many online providers and halls can come up with their own rules and regulations. This will allow you to understand how the game works.

Exclusive Promotions:

Keep an eye out on the special Bingo promotions. Sometimes there are unique games that come up with offers that you will not want to miss.

Adjust Your Schedule:

You can change your strategy and play during off-peak hours if playing during the peak hours does not bring you any positive results. Sometimes, the more players you are playing against, the less are your chances of getting any positive results. You can check out how many players are in the same bingo room before you start playing. This is a quick and easy way to maximize your odds of winning.

Know the Winning Patterns:

The 80 ball Bingo patterns consist of any line, any 2 lines, any 3 lines and a full house. However, apart from the above patterns, there might be specific ones you will have to achieve.

Pre-Buy Cards:

When you are playing 80-ball bingo online, you can pre-buy your tickets in advance.

Low-priced Bingo cards:

If you are on a budget, you can play the inexpensive 80 ball Bingo.

Play the 80 Ball Game

There are many online websites where you can play online Bingo and enjoy this variation of the game. This game is very popular in the online Bingo UK world. 80 ball Bingo is an exciting game to play in. Not only is it colourful but the players have four chances of winning. It is exciting, fun and fast, and anyone playing this game will have enjoyable gaming experience. It may not be for everyone, but you will not know until you have tried it. So are you ready to scream BINGO!

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