Online Slots in Amazingly Different Forms

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The slots game has a huge fan following be it online or offline, thanks to the ease with which this game can be played while also gaining lucrative winnings. But for some, the game might seem a bit monotonous since they may not be aware of the different types it comes in. Yes, online slots come in amazingly different forms to spice up players’ gaming experience along with the surety of fancy winnings. So read on to find some of the details of the different forms of online slots that you can play to refresh your overall gaming adventure.

Online Slots in Amazingly Different Forms

Classic Online Slots

As the name suggests, classic slots are the basic game of the entire slots world that came with mechanical reels in the physical casinos. It is the first and foremost form of the slots game that was introduced to the players in the offline casinos as well as in the online gaming sector. In the online casinos, classic slots games are designed to imitate the basic look of the mechanical reels. Classic online slots is a 3 reel slots game which is best for beginners to start with and for experienced ones to revisit some cheerful memories.

Online Video Slots

After the classic online slots, the next in line is the video slots. Video slots came with the spinning reels that were digitally displayed on screen which would spin with a press of a button. Video slots games were as hit as classic slots and also became a precursor to the modern-day online slot games. Currently, in the online casinos, one can find online video slots in various themes that come with explicit features like free rounds, bonus games and what not!

Online Slots with Progressive Jackpots

Progressive jackpot refers to the jackpot which keeps growing as the players play the slots game until someone hits it. With the introduction of progressive jackpots into the slots world, the fixed jackpots that were common previously took a backseat. The casinos even went on to make these jackpots bigger by merging different machines. This concept of the progressive jackpots in the online slots game has made it even more exciting since the players get to compete with thousands of other players across the world. 

3 Reel Slot Games

As mentioned in the classic slots, 3 reel slots are the basic and original type of slot games. Many players consider these as the best type of slots out there since they lack certain side features which may feel like a distraction to some. But there are other players who find it mundane to play the 3 reel slots games because of the same reason of lack of side features and its repetitive nature. No matter what, the one thing exciting and consistent about 3 reel slot games are they produce high payouts.

5 Reel Slot Games

In current times, it’s the 5 reel slots that are the most preferred in the online slots games. 5 reel slots come with awesome features like bonuses, fresh themes, mini-games and such. 5 reel slots are able to produce a number of different winning combinations which obviously make the players luckier to win amazing bonuses. Compared to the 3 reel slots, 5 reel slots are pretty complex games to play making them more fun to play. 

6 Reel Slot Games

While many might have settled for either 3 or 5 reel slot games, the gaming software providers are trying to experiment with the production of slots games with more than 5 reels. With 6 reel slots, the players get more winning combinations and even bigger prizes. But yes, they come with a slight twist which is the difficulty of landing these exact winning combinations. 

7 Reel Slot Games

Another game that falls in the category of more than 5 reel slot games is 7 reel slot games. But 7 reel slots is a very rare occurrence in online casinos and does not exist at all in the physical casinos. With so many reels in play, it is obvious for players to get confused with the plethora of combinations that will be landed on these reels. Hence, to avoid the confusion, 7 reel slots come with a limitation of 7 paylines and lack the fanciness presented by the 5 reels slots games. 

3D Slot Games

3D slot games are the result of the rapid development happening in the field of digital technology. These games come with symbols and features that are three-dimensional and take the gaming of slots to a whole next level. One can see amazing themes coming through epic graphics and interesting narrative. 

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