Things To Know About The New Age Verification Checks In UK Casinos 2019

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All-new age verification checks have been recently instituted in all UK casinos. These rules stipulate that UK casinos can no longer accept new players without first verifying vital information like their address, name and date of birth.

Things To Know About The New Age Verification Checks In UK Casinos 2019

These sweeping regulations were introduced by the UK Gambling Commission and are designed to stop such ills as money laundering and underage gambling. Previously, UK casinos were given 72 hours to verify the personal information of their clientele. The UNGC has however deemed 72 hours to be excessive and ineffective at protecting underage gamblers. Hence, the introduction of the new rules.

Now, the new rules in place will by no means cause inconvenience to the existing UK casino customers. However, folks who wish to sign up for a new UK casino account can expect some changes. These changes and their potential impact are detailed below.

Verified Fun Assured At Uk Casinos

As already stated, the new age verification requirements are primarily designed to stop underage gambling, while preventing fraud and money laundering. These new rules are being rolled out by the UKGC and must be complied by all registered online casinos, bingo sites, sportsbooks and lotteries in the British Isles.

So, in February of this year, the UKGC announced the proposed rule changes. This was after holding a 2-months long consultation with varied gambling support bodies, casino operators and seasoned gamblers. These changes took the form of more rigorous age verification requirements and more comprehensive identity verification checks for all gaming operators and remote betting groups. 

The new age verification rule makes it mandatory for UK casinos to verify the personal details of their clientele before they are permitted to fund their casino accounts, access free games and perform any type of gambling activity. Casino operators must also verify the name, date of birth and address of their clientele before granting them access to their games. Casino customers should also be reminded to supply required information when they are due, must be informed of the sort of identification needed to verify their casino accounts and how these are to be made available.

How These Rule Changes Can Affect the Uk Casinos Clientele?

As long as casino players are of legal age, have valid ID and walk the straight and narrow path, the new changes should not interfere with their fun. However, the new rule changes bring with it new requirements when signing up for an online casino account and indulging in welcome bonuses. These new requirements are as follows: 

  • Unverified players can no longer access demo games and free slot games.
  • Valid ID must be supplied when registering.
  • All forms of bonuses will be frozen till player details are verified.
  • Players will get regular email reminders to update their online casino account.

The new rules in place have been rumoured to essentially eliminate sign up bonuses. That is however not the case. Instead, such bonuses and every other casino bonuses will be impossible to access for players with unverified accounts. Verified account players have nothing to fear and should have their fill of casino bonuses.

Preparing for the New Rule Changes

All UK casino players are fully encouraged to prepare for the new rule changes. This involves making use of up-to-date details like emails and addresses and ensuring that all required verification documents are near at hand. These documents include passports, driver’s license, credit statement, utility bill, electoral register entry and HMRC tax document.

While not all the above documents will be required for identity verification, most of them will be. Folks are encouraged to scan these and other documents and keep them ready when their casino asks for them.

Another valid way of preparing for the new rule changes is making a habit of frequently updating one’s details. The new law stipulates that players whose personal details are not recent cannot be sanctioned. Preventing this occurrence is as simple as keeping personal details updated to the fullest possible extent.

As such, should players change their name, address or email, they should endeavour to let UK casinos know at once. Doing this is vital, so there should be no excuse for neglecting it.

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