Blackjack House Advantage & Ways to Reduce it!

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Blackjack is one of the standards, classic casino games that are enjoyed by millions of players from around the world. It has gained its irrefutable status as one of the popular games because of its popularity among gamblers and professionals who have been seeking ways to get even more returns from casino games. Many strategies and tactics are deployed by such professionals, in order to gain more decent returns off games. However, one of the basic thumb rules in most strategies is the employment of steps to reduce the Blackjack house advantage. This crucial step allows players to increase their probability of winning and reduce the chances of the organizing venue claiming the losses incurred by players on bets placed by them, in the advent of losing a round or a game.

Blackjack House Advantage & Ways to Reduce it!

Blackjack House Advantage and it’s meaning:

House Advantage is one of the sole tactics employed by organizing casino venues in order to claim profits. A casino cannot run for a stretch of time if it provides every game on a 50-50% chance of winning basis. Such a move would only let the casino approach breakeven and no profits. However, casinos try to induce a few elements in games that allow them to have a better probability of earning profits. In Blackjack house advantage, a typical casino venue would employ various game elements that would try to mask the fact that they have a better probability of availing profits. However, Blackjack is one such game that is favoured by many professionals because of its scope of reducing the house advantage to as low as 0.28%!

Few pointers to follow in order to reduce Blackjack House advantage:

Here are few pointers to consider for the ones that seek to reduce the house advantage:

1) Use a Blackjack Strategy: This can’t be stressed enough that not always is the case where casino games are won by pure luck and in fact, requires some effort put towards strategizing and tactics employment. Players who are starting out are advised to go for even a basic Blackjack strategy in order to reduce the Blackjack House advantage. Readers must be aware again that most strategies hover around the crucial step of reducing the house advantage.

2) Card Counting at all times: Probably a rookie mistake, card counting is a must if anyone really would like to reduce the house advantage. Card Counting is one of the crucial steps undertaken by professionals in order to reduce the house advantage. Card Counting along with the integration of a proper game strategy will allow the player to raise the probability of winning by 0.5-1%. Although this range might not seem too large to even be considered as of any worth, however, players must know that any increment in the chance of winning should always be opted out in the first place!

3) Implementing Composition Dependent Strategies: Probably one of the cleverest strategies ever employed, this takes the strategizing concept by a notch further! A composition-dependent strategy involves the player to consider what type of cards are dealt with him/her and based on that composition, take steps according to a pre-determined set of actions. For e.g., a pre-determined step of actions is set up for a definite set of cards. If the player is dealt the same set of cards, then he/she can follow the pre-determined step of actions and approach the gameplay. This has the potential to reduce the Blackjack house advantage to as low as 0.18%!

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