Play Online Slots with the Autoplay Feature

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The advent of the internet birthed the integration of land-based casino games to the already rising technological advancements experienced in computing. Over the years, online slots became a popular entrant in that niche.

Play Online Slots with the Autoplay Feature

Though playing the game is simple, some players would love to have it simplified. That’s where the Auto-play feature comes in. Thanks to the auto-play feature, players no longer need to sit in front of their computers while playing the game. Initiating the feature will continuously turn the reels. This article explains everything you need to know about the auto-play feature in online slots.

Autoplay in Online Slots Explained

Suggestive of the name, the auto-play feature allows players to spin the reels for a pre-set number of times thus negating the need to click or press the Spin button. The importance of this feature goes beyond saving time. It also does away with the need to constantly check if you have landed a win during the gameplay.

Furthermore, with the aid of this fantastic feature, you can also increase the speed of the game, thus you can end a game in a small time interval in comparison to manual playing. Using the feature is simple, simply set the wager amount per spin and the number of spins, and relax; let the machine do all that’s left for you. Similar to online slots, you’ll receive your winnings after the final spin.

In the online slots, you also get turbocharger mode. When you press a turbo button, the reels start to move even faster. To activate this feature, you have to manually press the button every time the reels are moving.

When You Should Choose the Autoplay Feature?

If you have a couple of things to attend to but aren’t good at multi-tasking, then, the auto-play feature is convenient. However, as it has been mentioned above, the same wager is set per spin but if you want different wagers for every spin, then, the auto-play feature won’t serve you well. Moreover, this feature is not for free and after every spin credit is deducted from your account.

For example, your bankroll will be significantly affected if you reduce your wager amount (coin size) while you are still on the max bet.

The feature also doesn’t suit players who seek after a holistic online slot experience, which includes, the suspense, anxiety, drama and fun. Online slot developers spend a lot of time designing intricate graphics, animations, and backgrounds and incorporating background music that is in line with the game’s theme. The auto-play feature takes away that entire thrill.

What Are the Benefits of Using Auto-Play?

Increase the Auto Spin

With this feature, you get a chance to increase the number of spins during slot game. In most of the slot games, you get to choose auto spin feature up to 1000 times. Moreover, you also get a chance to win a lot of bonuses as well as multipliers.

You Get a Chance for Fixed Bets

Yes, this is another added feature of this technique when you are playing online slot games. This feature saves you from making an emotional decision during the gameplay and you get to protect yourself from a great deal of loss. Moreover, you also get to save enough of your time during this procedure as you don’t have to click on the press button over and over again.

Cautions When You Avail This Option

Though auto-play is a very effective feature during online gameplay, you should think deeply before availing this option. When you choose the auto-play option, the reels in a game of slot will move with the same speed throughout the gaming process. Thus, it is very essential to check on the total number of pay lines which you are choosing to play with. It is advised to turn all of them active. Also, you will have to consider the total amount of money which you want to wage on every line.

To prevent yourself from the major loss, it would be wise to choose loss limits before you start to play the online slots. With this, the game will stop automatically when you reach the loss limit and this feature will also help you in managing your bankroll efficiently. 

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